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Currently we are offering 2 models of the 800 watt personal rover electric scooter in red and black. In the future we are planning to offer smaller and lighter 600 watt models along with a line of accessories such as storage covers and cargo baskets

Black Hawk Personal Rover Electric Scooter PR800B 

Why Personal Rover? The design of the Personal Rover scooter is based on the electric skateboard that is so popular with the young and reckless, and was conceived after riding, then falling hard (head first) from this awesome device.

Our goal was to design a personal transportation vehicle that customers of any age or gender can safely ride and enjoy.

By positioning the rider face forward, lowering the center of gravity, and adding 2 foldable aluminum handles, we have created a completely new, more stable and safe riding experience, that somewhat resembles gliding down a ski slope.

Please Visit On-Line Manual page for more info.

Sport Red Personal Rover Electric Scooter PR800B 

There are endless varieties of electric scooters on the market today; 4, 3 and 2 wheeled, there are stand up and sit down scooters, but they are all share same component for steering; a T-handlebar.

Therefore, while designing the Personal Rover we especially wanted to avoid using a T-shaped handlebar, not only because we wanted to be unique, but also to avoid some silliness factor that many adults may find to be embarrassing due to regular electric scooter association with a kids kick scooter.

But innovation doesn’t stop there. We decided that placing the scooter in a vertical position will minimize its footprint for portable storage while not in use. For that, we have added a small platform to the rear end of the scooter. Then we added small caster wheels to the rear platform in order to make transportation in a vertical position much easier. Now you can enter the lobby of any building while pushing or pulling the scooter in a vertical position. You can then roll the scooter into an elevator, down the hall to your door, into a corner, and leave it there in the vertical position. No other 800W electric scooters will take as little storage space as our Personal Rover.
Optional Storage Cover. Vertical Storage.
Personal Rover with Rear Platform Removed. Click to zoom in. Personal Rover with Rear Platform Removed. Click to zoom in.